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2005-07-24 - 12:27 p.m.

Sent an e-bleuy to Stu on thursday and the report said it was printed out yesterday to be delivered on the base today, so he should be hearing from me now. Apparently takes about 8 days for a regular bluey to get there, so he won't have got the one I posted on monday yet. I feel a bit better knowing that he's heard from me now, but I don't like it cos I haven't heard from him, its the longest I've gone without contact, the longest I've gone without hearing his voice and so the last words that I still have ringing in my ears are "see you in november!". On the plus side I've coped better than I thought I would and the week hasn't dragged on too long so I should be ok and just hope the communication becomes 2 way soon, I just don't know what time he gets allocated for comms and he's got to split that with his family and best mate as well as me. I'm going to go to the spiritualist church tonight even though i'm feeling crummy M.E wise but know that i always find comfort there even if I don't have a message. Right off to rest as getting bad head. Love N hugs to all. Hayley.xx



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